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"The Annals of Ulster"

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The Annals of Ulster
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1. First draft, revised and corrected.
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Notes: In this digital edition we have used Mac Airt & Mac Niocaill's translation of their edition (1983) of the annals for the entries up to AD 1131. Their translation (pp 3-37) of the Pre-Patrician or Irish World-Chronicle, which is best treated as a separate text, was omitted. Their edition extends from AD 431 to AD 1131.2. For the rest of the entries up to AD 1201 Hennessy & Mac Carthy's translation of their edition was used. The remainder of volumes 2 and 3 is in preparation.

Sources and Translations:
Mac Airt & Mac Niocaill (1983) to 1131. Hennessy & Mac Carthy (1887-1901) to 1201.

Sources, comment on the text, and secondary literature.

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The editions used in the digital edition.

The Annals of Ulster. Seán Mac Airt and Gearóid Mac Niocaill First edition [xv + 2 plates + 579 pp.] School of Celtic Studies (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) Dublin (1983) Annala Uladh. Annals of Ulster, otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat; a chronicle of Irish affairs A.D. 431-1131: 1155-1541. Vol.II A.D. 1057-1131:1155-1378.. B. Mac Carthy (ed), First edition [iv + 565] Her Majesty's Stationery Office Dublin (1893)

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Excerpts from the "Annals of Ulster"

941 A.D. to 1014 A.D.


Birth of Brian son of Cennéitig.


An expedition i.e. the expedition in the frost(?) was made by Muirchertach, and he plundered Mide and Ú Fhailgi, and went into Osraige, obtaining their submission. He ravaged the Déisi, and brought Cellachán, king of Caisel, in submission to Donnchad.


Mael Ruanaid son of Flann, i.e. heir designate of Ailech, was killed by the Cenél Conaill.


Eochu son of Scannal, superior of Imlech Ibuir, dies.


Aenacán, priest of Dún Lethglaise, dies.

U942.0 [AD 941 alias 942]

Kalends of January, tenth of the moon


Dúnchad son of Suthainén, bishop of Cluain Moccu Nóis, died.


Faelán son of Muiredach, king of Laigin, dies.


The Uí Fhailgi inflicted a battle-rout on the foreigners of Áth Cliath—but this happened in the previous year.


Dún Lethglaise was plundered by the foreigners. God and Patrick avenged it on them, causing them to go overseas and taking their island from them so that their king stole away and was killed by the Irish on land.


Two sons of Lorcán son of Donnchad were killed by Congalach son of Mael Mithig.


Mael Mochta, superior of Cluain Iraird, rested.


Cluain Moccu Nóis and Cell Dara were ravaged by the heathens of Áth Cliath.


U943.0 [AD 942 alias 943]

Kalends of January, twenty-first of the moon


The Leth Cathail inflicted a rout on the foreigners of Loch Cuan, in which nearly all were destroyed.


Muirchertach son of Niall, i.e. Muirchertach of the Leather Cloaks, king of Ailech and the Hector of the western world, was killed by the heathens, i.e. by Blacair son of Gothfrith, king of the foreigner, at Glas Liatháin beside Cluain Chaín, in Fir Rois, on the first feria, fourth of the Kalends of March 26 Feb.. Ard Macha was plundered by the same foreigners on the following day, the third of the Kalends of March.

(Vengeance and ruin have come to rest

On the race of Conn's children for ever:

It were grievous that Muirchertach lives no more,

The land of the famous Irish is orphaned.)


Lorcán, son of Faelán, king of Laigin, was killed by the foreigners.


Cellach son of Béc, king of Dál Araidi, was treacherously killed by his people.

U944.0 [AD 943 alias 944]

Kalends of January


Flaithbertach son of Inmainén, chief, rested in peace.


Cairpre son of Mael Pátraic, king of Uí, Liatháin, and Finn son of Mután, king of Corcu Laígdi, were killed by the men of Mag Féine.


Congalach son of Mael Mithig and Braen son of Mael Mórda, king of Laigin, plundered Áth Cliath, and took away valuables, and treasure, and much booty.


Donnchad son of Flann son of Mael Sechnaill son of Mael Ruanaid son of Donnchad, king of Temair, dies after spending 25 years as king.


Mael Feichéne, successor of Finnia, rested.


Dúngal son of Cathán fell asleep in Christ.


The battle of Gort Rotacháin was won by Cellachán against Tuadmumu, and many fell in it.


U945.0 [AD 944 alias 945]

Kalends of January


Abnormally severe frost so that the lakes and rivers were passable on foot.


The foreigners of Loch nEchach were killed by Domnall son of Muirchertach and by his kinsman, i.e. Flaithbertach, and their fleet was destroyed.


Mael Tuile son of Dúnán, successor of Tigernach and Cairnech, dies an untroubled death.


Aurchath son of Murchad, king of the west of Connacht, died.


Mael Dúin son of Gairbíth, prior of Ard Macha, died.


Blacair gave up Áth Cliath and Amlaíb succeeded him.


A band of Ua Canannáin's followers were killed by Congalach and Amlaíb Cuaráin in Conaille.

U946.0 [AD 945 alias 946]

Kalends of January


Cluain Moccu Nóis was plundered by the foreigners of Áth Cliath, and also the churches of the men of Mide.


Mael Bethach, superior of Daiminis, dies.

U947.0 [AD 946 alias 947]

Kalends of January


Ruaidrí ua Canannáin led an army to Sláine, and the foreigners and Irish, i.e. Congalach son of Mael Mithig and Amlaíb Cuaráin, came upon him, and the foreigners of Áth Cliath were defeated, and many of them killed and drowned.


The Cenél Eógain gave the full measure of the Finnfaídech of pure silver to Patrick.


Scolaige ua hAedacáin, king of Dartraige, and Gairbíth son of Muiredach, heir designate of Uí Chremthainn, and Aed son of Tigernán ua Ruairc were killed in battle in a counterattack.


Braen son of Mael Mórda, king of the Laigin, was killed on a foray in Osraige.


Cathusach son of Ailche, bishop of Cenél Eógain, dies.

U948.0 [AD 947 alias 948]

Kalends of January


Blacair son of Gothfrith, king of the foreigners, was killed by Congalach son of Mael Mithig, and sixteen hundred were also killed or taken captive.


(Birth of Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall.)



Ainmire ua hAdlai, successor of Ciarán son of the wright, died.


Colmán son of Mael Pátraic, superior of Sláine, was taken prisoner by the foreigners, and died on their hands.


Gormlaith, daughter of Flann son of Mael Sechnaill, died in penitence.

U949.0 [AD 948 alias 949]

Kalends of January


Matudán son of Aed and Niall grandson of Erulb made an expedition and plundered Conaille and Druim Inasclainn and Inis Caín Dega.


Ua Canannáin made a foray and plundered Fir Lí and killed Flaithbertach ua Néill.


Aedán of Tuaim da Gualann rested in Christ.


Fogartach son of Donnocán, king of Airgialla, dies in penitence.


Congalach son of Mael Mithig made an expedition and ravaged Uí Meith and Fernmag.

U950.0 [AD 949 alias 950]

Kalends of January


Donnchad son of Domnall, king of Mide, was killed by his kinsmen.


Hywel, king of Wales, dies.


Scothíne, superior of Dairmag, Mael Finnáin, bishop of Cell Dara, and Cleirchéne son of Conallán, superior of Daire Calgaig, rested in peace.


Matudán son of Aed was killed by the Uí Echach, i.e. by the sons of Bran, but God avenged him within a short time by bringing about their deaths.


Ruaidrí ua Canannáin, i.e. heir designate of Ireland, was killed by the foreigners after he had beleaguered Mide and Brega for six months and had inflicted a slaughter on the foreigners, to the number of two thousand or more. Niall ua Canannáin and a few others were also slain in a counterattack.—The battle of Muine Brócáin.


An abnormally great mast-crop.


The bell-house of Sláine was burned by the foreigners of Áth Cliath. The founder's episcopal staff, and the best of all bells, the lector Caenachair and a large number with him, were all burned.


U951.0 [AD 950 alias 951]

Kalends of January


Mac Étig son of Cuilennán, king of Conaille, died.


Guaire ua Forannáin, superior of Ard Sratha, dies.


Gothfrith son of Sitriuc with the foreigners of Áth Cliath plundered Cenannas and Domnach Pátraic and Ard Brecáin and Tuileáin and Cell Scíre and other churches. From Cenannas they were all plundered, and three thousand men or more were taken captive and a great spoil of cattle and horses and gold and silver was taken away.


Aed son of Mael Ruanaid, Béc son of Donn Cuan, king of Tethba, Cennéitig son of Lorcán, king of Tuadmumu, Gairbíth son of Lorcán, king of Fir Leamna, died.


Niall Mothlach was wickedly killed by the Cairpre.


A mortality of bees.


A great outbreak of leprosy among the foreigners of Áth Cliath, and dysentery.

U952.0 [AD 951 alias 952]

Kalends of January


Scannal, superior of Domnach Sechnaill, Flann, superior of Druim Cliab, Constantine son of Aed, king of Scotland, Ferdomnach, successor of Ciarán, died.


The foreigners won a battle over the men of Scotland and the Welsh and the Saxons.


Flann ua Cléirig, king of the south of Connacht, Domnall son of Donnchad, heir designate of Temair, Céile the leper and anchorite, Flann son of Mael Fiachrach, superior of Mag eter di Glais, died.

U953.0 [AD 952 alias 953]

Kalends of January


Cluain Moccu Nóis was plundered by the men of Mumu, accompanied by foreigners.


Mael Cothaid, successor of Comgall and Mo-Cholmóc, died.


Gailenga was plundered by the Uí Chremthainn. Domnall came upon Muirchertach, and they left behind many heads.


Mael Martain son of Maenach, Ruadacán son of Eitigén, king of eastern Gailenga, Mael Pátraic son of Coscán, lector of Ard Macha, Mael Muire, superior of Tech Féthgna, Cenn Faelad, superior of Saiger, Diarmait son of Torpaid, superior of Les Mór Mo-Chutu, Dub Inse, bishop of Bennchor, died.


U954.0 [AD 953 alias 954]

Kalends of January


Flannacán son of Allchú, successor of Mac Nisse and Colmán of Ela, died.


Mael Coluim son of Domnall, king of Scotland, was killed.


Conn son of Erudán son of Gairbíth, king of Mag Dumai, was killed.


A great murrain of cattle throughout Ireland.


Ua Ruairc inflicted a great slaughter on the Cairpre and Tethba, and ua Ciardai, king of Cairpri, fell.


Céilechair, successor of Ciarán and Finnian, and Robartach, successor of Colum Cille and Adamnán, rested in Christ.


Niall ua Tolairg, Cellachán, king of Caisel, and Rechtabra, superior of Cell Achaid, died.


Bran son of Domnall, king of Cenél Laegaire of Brega, was killed.


Kalends of January. [AD 954 alias 955]

Sixth feria, fourth of the moon.


Aengus son of Cú Loingse, superior of Mag Bile, and Aengus son of Mael Brigte, superior of Dam Liac, die.


Aléne, king of Mugdorna Maigen and Mugdorna of Brega, and Innéirge son of Mochán, fell on Congalach's march into Connacht.


Domnall son of Muirchertach led a force, with ships, from Tuag Inbir, on Loch nEchach and Daball, across Airgialla, on Loch Éirne, then on Loch Uachtair, and he plundered Bréifne and took hostages from ua Ruairc.


Kalends of January [AD 955 alias 956]

Seventh feria, fifteenth of the moon.


Mael Pátraic son of Cú Bretan, superior of Sláine, Aengus son of Nocán, successor of Féichéne, and Gaíthéne the learned, bishop of Dún Lethglaise, died.


Tadc son of Cathal, king of Connacht, died.


Congalach son of Mael Mithig son of Flannacán son of Cellach son of Congalagh son of Conaing of Cuirrech son of Congalach son of Aed of Sláine, king of Ireland, was killed by the foreigners of Áth Cliath and by the Laigin at Tech Giurann in Laigin; and Aed son of Aichid, king of Tethba, and many others were also killed.



Maenach, successor of Finnia and lector of Ard Macha, Mael Brigte son of Erudán, successor of Mac Nise and Colmán of Ela, and Muiredach son of Éicnechán, die.


Domnall begins to reign.

U957.0 [AD 956 alias 957]

Kalends of January


Cathasach son of Duiligén from Druim Torraid successor of Patrick and a learned Irish bishop, rested in Jesus Christ.


Mael Fothartaig, king of Caisel, Colmán son of Congal, successor of Mo-Laise, Eochu son of Anluan, king of Loch gCal, Scannal son of Luachdub, coarb of Liss Críst (?), die.


Mael Coluim ua Canannáin, king of Cenél Conaill, Mochta son of Gormacán, and Flann ua hAedacáin, superior of Glenn dá Locha, died.


Kalends of January [AD 957 alias 958]


Flann son of Mochloinges, successor of Tigernach and Mael Dóid, died.


Tanaide son of Odar, coarb of Bennchor, was killed by the foreigners.


Niall ua Eruilb.


Tuathal son of Úgaire, king of Laigin, dies.


Lugaid son of Colgu, superior of Sláine, dies in penitence.


Fínnechta son of Lachtna, superior of Ferna, dies.

U959.0 [AD 958 alias 959]

Kalends of January


Cluain Moccu Nóis was plundered by the men of Mumu.


Martain, successor of Caemgein, Dub Dúin, successor of Colum Cille, and Aengus ua Lapán, died.


Dub dá Bairenn son of Domnall, king of Caisel, was killed by his own people.


Maenach son of Cormac, superior of Les Mór, died.



Kalends of January [AD 959 alias 960]


Domnall son of Muirchertach led an army to Dál Araidi and took pledges.


Carlus son of Conn son of Donnchad was killed in Áth Cliath.


Camán son of Amlaíb son of Gothfrith was defeated at Dub.


Muiredach son of Fergus made a great circuit of Connacht.


(Cathmug, superior of Les Mór, rested.)

U961.0 [AD 960 alias 961]

Kalends of January


An arrow-like flash of lightning came right through Laigin from the south-west and killed eleven hundred men and animals as far as Áth Cliath.


Erchad's son, king of Uí Briúin Sheóla, died.


Ualgarc, king of Dartraige, was killed by his own people.


(Fer Gráid, king of Caisel, was killed by his own people.)


Conaing ua Domnalláin, superior of Clochar of the Sons of Daiméne, rested.

U962.0 [AD 961 alias 962]

Kalends of January


Flaithbertach son of Conchobor, king of Ailech, made a raid in Dál Araidi and plundered Condaire; and the Ulaid came upon him, and he and his two kinsmen, i.e. Tadc and Conn, and many others, were killed.


Eógan son of Muiredach, tributary king of Ireland, was killed by the Uí Fhailgi.


Aengus ua Maíl Doraid was killed by his own people.

U963.0 [AD 962 alias 963]

Kalends of January


Domnall ua Néill brought ships from the Daball across Sliab Fuait to Loch Aininne, which had not been done since ancient times.—So in the Book of Dub dá Leithe.


Éicnech son of Dálach, king of Airgialla, and his son Dub Dara, were killed by his brother Murchad son of Dálach. That Murchad was promptly killed in the same month.


Mael Muire son of Eochaid, successor of Patrick, was bone.


Cellachán's son, king of Caisel, dies.



Gothfrith son of Amlaíb died.


The successor of Tigernach, i.e. Caenchomrac, dies.


(Ualgarc ua Maíl Trea was killed by the Mugdorna Maigen.)

U964.0 [AD 963 alias 964]

Kalends of January


The above year was the last of the complete Paschal Cycle from the arrival of Patrick in Ireland.


Mael Ruanaid son of Flann son of Éicnechán, and his son, were killed by the sept of Fiangus.


Dub Scúile son of Cinaed, successor of Colum Cille, rested.


Furudrán son of Béc, king of Derlas, was treacherously and wickedly killed by the Cenél Eógain.


Muirchertach son of Congalach son of Mael Mithig, heir designate of Temair, was killed by Domnall son of Congalach.


Cell Dara was plundered by the foreigners, but was compassionated with a wonderful kindness through Niall ua Eruilb, almost all the clerics being ransomed for the honour of God: with his own silver Niall ransomed of them as many as would fill Brigit's great house and the oratory.

U965.0 [AD 964 alias 965]

Kalends of January


Great and intolerable famine in Ireland, so that the father was wont to sell his son and daughter for food.


The Uí Chanannáin inflicted a battle-rout, and Domnall fell therein.


(Ioseph and Dúnchad, abbots of Tír dá Glas, and Cinaed, abbot of Les Mór Mo-Chutu, rested in Christ.)


A battle between the men of Scotland themselves in which many were killed, including Donnchad, i.e. the abbot of Dún Caillen.


A change of abbots at Ard Macha, i.e. Dub dá Leithe instead of Muiredach from Sliab Cuilinn.


Domnall ua Néill, king of Temair, made an expedition and plundered Connacht, taking hostages from ua Ruairc.


U966.0 [AD 965 alias 966]

Kalends of January


Muiredach son of Fergus, successor of Patrick, Cathasach son of Murchadán, bishop of Ard Macha, Faelán son of Cormac, king of the Déisi of Mumu, and Faelán, king of Laigin, died.


Mael Muire, daughter of Niall son of Aed, died.


Dub dá Bairenn, successor of Buite, ended his life.


Fergal ua Ruairc was killed by Domnall son of Congalach, king of Brega.

U967.0 [AD 966 alias 967]

Kalends of January


Dub son of Mael Coluim, king of Scotland, was killed by the Scots themselves.


Tigernach son of Ruarc, king of Carraic Brachaide, dies.


The battle of Formaíl was won by the Cenél Eógain over the Cenél Conaill, and Mael Ísu ua Canannáin, king of Cenél Conaill, and Muirchertach grandson of Tadc, heir designate of Connacht, and many others fell there.


Aed ua hAitid, king of Uí Echach, was killed by his own people.


Mathgamain son of Cennáitig, king of Caisel, plundered and burned Luimnech.


Cerball son of Lorcán, heir designate of Laigin, was killed by Domnall, king of Brega.

U968.0 [AD 967 alias 968]

Kalends of January


Cellach ua Banan, successor of Comgall, dies.


Muiredach, successor of Cainnech, and Flaithbertach son of Muiredach, king of Uí Echach, die.


Domnall ua Néill led an army to Laigin and plundered them from Berba westwards to the sea, taking a great spoil in cows, and he beleaguered the foreigners and the Laigin for two months.


Connmach, successor of Ultán, rested.


U969.0 [AD 968 alias 969]

Kalends of January


Cinaed ua Cathmaíl, superior of Daire Calgaig, Mael Finnéin son of Uchtán, bishop of Cenannas and successor of Ultán and Cairnech, and Eógan son of Cleirech, bishop of Connacht, rested.


Saerlaith, daughter of Elcomach, died aged one hundred.


Beollán son of Ciarmac, king of Loch Gabor, rested in Christ.

U970.0 [AD 969 alias 970]

Kalends of January


Cenannas was plundered by Amlaíb Cuarán.


Ualgarc ua Ruairc was defeated and killed with very many others by Conchobor son of Tadc.


The king of Ulaid, i.e. Ardgar son of Matudán, made an expedition with the foreigners and sacked Connaire, leaving a great many beheaded there.


The battle of Cell Móna was won by Domnall son of Congalach and Amlaíb against Domnalll ua Néill, and there fell there Ardgar son of Matudán, king of Ulaid, and Donnacán son of Mael Muire king of Airgialla, and Cinaed son of Cróngall, king of Conaille, and very many others.


The sacking of Lugbad and Druim Inasclainn by Murchad, king of Ailech.


The sacking of Mainister and Lann Léire by Domnall, king of Ireland, in which three hundred and fifty were burned in one house.

U971.0 [AD 970 alias 971]

Kalends of January


Cuilén son of Illulb, king of Scotland, was killed by the Welsh in a battle-rout.


Domnall ua Néill, king of Temair, was driven from Mide by the Clann Cholmáin.


Niall son of Aed, king of Ulaid, dies.


Tuathal, successor of Ciarán, and Mael Samna, successor of Cainnech, die.


Cellach ua Nuadat was killed by foreigners in front of the refectory.


Domnall ua Néill led an army against the men of Mide, and plundered all their churches and forts, and plundered Uí Fhailgi and Fotharta.


U972.0 [AD 971 alias 972]

Kalends of January


A battle between the Ulaid and the Dál Araidi in which fell the king of the Province, i.e. Aed son of Loingsech, and others.


Murchad son of Finn was deceitfully killed by Domnall Claen.


Cathasach son of Fergusán, coarb of Dún, dies.


Fogartach son of Niall ua Tolairg was treacherously killed by Domnall son of Congalach.


Crunnmael, superior of Glenn dá Locha, dies.

U973.0 [AD 972 alias 973]

Kalends of January


Conchobor son of Tadc, king of Connacht, dies.


A battle between Murchad ua Flaithbertaig and the Connachta, in which fell Cathal son of Tadc, king of Connacht, and Géibennach son of Aed, king of Uí Maini, and many others.


Mael Muire, superior of Dairmag, was drowned in Es Ruaid.


Bécán, successor of Finnén, and Ailill, superior of Glenn dá Locha, died untroubled deaths.


Dub dá Leithe, successor of Patrick, made a visitation of Mumu and obtained his demand.

U974.0 [AD 973 alias 974]

Kalends of January


Murchad son of Flaithbertach went on a foray in Cenél Conaill and took a great spoil; and one dart struck him, and he died thereof at Dún Clóitige, with communion and penance.


Diarmait son of Dochartach, successor of Mo-Laise, died.


Donnchad Finn, king of Mide, was killed by Agda son of Duibcenn.


Úgaire son of Tuathal inflicted a rout on the Osraige in which Diarmait son of Donnchad fell. In a second battle the Osraige defeated the Uí Cheinnselaigh, and Domnall son of Cellach fell.


U975.0 [AD 974 alias 975]

Kalends of January


Edgar son of Edmund, king of the Saxons, rested in Christ.


Domnall son of Eógan, king of the Britons, died on pilgrimage, and Fogartach, abbot of Daire, died.


Ferdal, superior of Rechru, was killed by the heathens.


Cinaed ua hArtacáin, i.e. of the race of Cernach Sotal, chief poet of Ireland, rested.


Very bad weather in the above year.

U976.0 [AD 975 alias 976]

Kalends of January


Mathgamuin son of Cennétig, king of Caisel, was killed by Mael Muad son of Bran.


Donnchad son of Cellach, king of Osraige, and Domnall son of Congalach, king of Brega, died.


Conaing ua Fínáin, successor of Mac Nise and Colmán of Ela, rested.


Tadc son of Ruaidrí, king of Cianacht, was killed in Ulaid.


Sétna ua Demáin, superior of Naendruim, was burned to death in his own house.

U977.0 [AD 976 alias 977]

Kalends of January


Muirchertach son of Domnall ua Néill, and Congalach son of Domnall, two heirs designate of Ireland, were killed by Amlaíb son of Sitriuc.


(Flaithbertach son of Muirchertach was born this year.)


Gilla Coluim ua Canannáin was killed by Domnall ua Néill.


Amlaíb son of Ollulb, i.e. King of Scotland, was killed by Cinaed son of Domnall.


Conaing son of Cadán, successor of Moedóc, died.

U978.0 [AD 977 alias 978]

Kalends of January


Fiachra, superior of Í, rested.


A battle between Brian son of Cennétig and Mael Muad, king of Desmumu, in which Mael Muad fell.


The battle of Bithlann was won over the Laigin by the foreigners of Áth Cliath, and in it fell the king of Laigin, i.e. Úgaire son of Tuathal, and many others.



The Airgialla inflicted a battle-rout on the Cenél Conaill, in which Niall ua Canannáin and many others fell.


Corcach Mór of Mumu was sacked by fire.


Les Mór Mo-Chutu was plundered and burned.

U979.0 [AD 978 alias 979]

Kalends of January


Muirenn daughter of Congalach, successor of Brigit, rested.


Lethlobar ua Fiachna, king of Dál Araidi, was deceitfully killed.


Conchobor son of Finn, king of Uí Fhailgi, died.


Airechtach ua Caráin, the head of Irish learning, rested in peace.

U980.0 [AD 979 alias 980]

Kalends of January


The battle of Temair was won by Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall against the foreigners of Áth Cliath and the Isles, and very great slaughter was inflicted on the foreigners therein, and foreign power ejected from Ireland as a result. There fell therein Ragnall son of Amlaíb, the son of the king of the foreigners, and Conamal, son of a tributary king of the foreigners, and many others.


Domnalll ua Néill, over-king of Ireland, died after penance in Ard Macha.


(Maccán son of Scolaige, king of Delbna: The lad who today refuses me

The thirty loaves which I can see

Will be thankful to share them

At the close of Domnall's reign.

Would that we had not heard the report

That Temair's sovereign had been removed!

A scarcity of grain, abundance of grass

Violent nature will bring about.)

(If the men of the world were not numerous

From Life to Letha,

Satiety from the hand of Domnall

Would cause them to be more plentiful.

—Mac Coise sang this.)



Mugrón, successor of Colum Cille in both Ireland and Scotland, ended a happy life.

(Since the birth of God's Son from heaven

There are eight tens and nine hundred years

Till the death of Mugrón whom verses extolled,

The graceful successor of Colum.)


Rumann ua hAedacáin, successor of Tigernach, and Murchad son of Riada, successor of Comán, rested.


Dubgall son of Donnchad, heir designate of Ailech, was killed by his own kinsman, i.e. Muiredach son of Flann. Muiredach son of Flann was beheaded by his own sept before a full month had passed.


Comaltán ua Cléirig, king of Uí Fhiachrach Aidni, dies.


Tigernán ua Mael Doraidh, king of Cenél Conaill, was killed by his own people.


Braen son of Murchad, king of Laigin, was taken prisoner by the foreigners and afterwards put to death.

U981.0 [AD 980 alias 981]

Kalends of January


Domnall ua hAitid, king of Uí Echach, and Loingsech son of Fogartach, king of Uí Nialláin, fell by one another.


Cleirchéne son of Donngal, successor of Feichíne, Eógan ua Cadáin, successor of Brénainn, and Sínach son of Muirthilén, successor of Comgall, fell asleep in Christ.


An abnormal mast-crop in the above year.

U982.0 [AD 981 alias 982]

Kalends of January


Bruatar son of Tigernach, king of Uí Cheinnselaig, dies.


Árchú son of Niall was treacherously killed by the sons of Ardgar.


Aed ua Dubdai, king of the north of Connacht, dies an untroubled death.


The plundering of Cell Dara by Ímar of Port Láirge.


U983.0 [AD 982 alias 983]

Kalends of January


Cormac son of Mael Ciaráin, successor of Mo-Chutu, and Muiredach son of Muirecán, prior of Ard Macha, die.


Mael Sechnaill, son of Domnall, and Glún Iairn, son of Amlaíb, inflicted a battle-rout on Domnall Claen, king of Laigin, and Ímar of Port Láirge, in which fell Gilla Pátraic son of Ímar and others—many being drowned or slain. (Gilla Pátraic son of Amlaíb).


Aed ua Mothráin, successor of Da-Sinchell, was fatally wounded and died.

U984.0 [AD 983 alias 984]

Kalends of January


Uisíne ua Lapáin, superior of Daire Calgaig, and Muiredach ua Flannacáin, lector of Ard Macha, rest.


Dub Darach son of Domnallán, king of Derlas, was killed by his own people.


Domnall Claen, king of Laigin, was killed by the Uí Cheinnselaig.


Flaithbertach ua hÁnluain, king of Uí Nialláin, was deceitfully killed by the Uí Bresail.


Kalends of January. [AD 984 alias 985]

Fifth feria, fifth of the moon.


Fogartach ua Congaile, superior of Daiminis, Flaithlem, superior of Saiger, Mael Finnia, superior of Domnach Patraic, rested in Christ.


Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall had an army in Connacht, and he reduced Mag Aí to ashes. The Connacht made a covert(?) foray to Loch Aininn, and they burned the country and killed the king of Fir Chell. (Mael Sechnall son of Domnall ravaged Connacht, plundered its islands, and killed its chiefs.)

U986.0 [AD 985 alias 986]

Kalends of January


A great disturbance in Ard Macha on the Sunday 25 July before Lammas between the Uí Echach and the Uí Nialláin, and in it the son of Trénar son of Celecán and others fell.


The Danes arrived on the coast of Dál Riata, that is, with three ships, and seven score of them were executed and others sold.



Í of Colum Cille was plundered by the Danes on Christmas Night, and they killed the abbot and fifteen of the elders of the monastery.

U987.0 [AD 986 alias 987]

Kalends of January


The battle of Manu was won by Aralt's son and the Danes, and a thousand were slain therein.


A great outbreak of St Vitus' Dance, and it caused death to a large number of people and cattle among the Saxons and Welsh and Irish.


A great slaughter of the Danes who plundered Í, and three score and three hundred of them were slain.


Kalends of January [AD 987 alias 988]

First feria, ninth of the moon.


Dúnlang son of Dub dá Baireann, heir designate of Caisel, and Muirgius son of Conchobor fell by one another in Uí Briúin Shinna.


Congalach ua Cuilennáin, king of Conaille, and Ciar Chaille son of Cairellán, king of northern Brega, fell by one another.


Laidcnén son of Cerball, king of Fernmag, was killed in Ard Macha by Fergal son of Conaing, king of Ailech.


Colum, superior of Corcach, and Dub dá Bairenn, superior of Both Chonais, fell asleep.


(Or it is under thus year that Dúnchad ua Braín should be.)

U989.0 [AD 988 alias 989]

Kalends of January


Dúnchad ua Braín, successor of Ciarán, an excellent scribe and a most religious man, died on his pilgrimage in Ard Macha on the fourteenth of the Kalends of February 19 Jan.


Dún Lethglaise was plundered by the foreigners and burned.


Glún Iarn, king of the foreigners, was killed when drunk by his own slave.


Gothfrith son of Aralt, king of Inse Gall, was killed in Dál Riata.


Dúnchad ua Robocáin, successor of Colum Cille, died.



Eochaid son of Ardgar, king of Ulaid, went on an expedition to Cenél Eógain, and left behind ua hAitid dead.


Dub dá Leithe, successor of Patrick, took the successorship of Colum Cille by the counsel of the men of Ireland and Scotland.


Echmílid son of Rónán, king of Int Airthir, was killed by the descendants of Conall the Craftsman.


Mac Léiginn son of ua Murchudáin, superior of Cúl Rathain, dies.

U990.0 [AD 989 alias 990]

Kalends of January


Daire Calgaig was plundered by the Danes.


Urard son of Cos, chief poet of Ireland, and Aed ua Maíl Doraid, i.e. king of Cenél Conaill, died.


The battle of Cam Fordroma was won by Mael Sechnaill over Tuadmumu, and Domnall son of Lorcán, king of Uí Fharca, and many others fell therein.

U991.0 [AD 990 alias 991]

Kalends of January


Donnchad ua Congalaigh, heir designate of Temair, was deceitfully killed by Mael Sechnaill.


There was killed Tadc son of Donnchad, heir designate of Osraige,—by the men of Mumu—, Aed ua Ruairc, heir designate of Connacht, and Dub Darach ua Fiachna—by the Cenél Eógain.

U992.0 [AD 991 alias 992]

Kalends of January


Mael Petair ua Tolaig, successor of Brénainn, and Mael Finnia ua Maenaigh, successor of Ciarán of Cluain, fell asleep.


Donn ua Duinn Chuan, king of Tethba, dies.


An expedition was made by Mael Sechnaill in Connacht, and he brought away great spoils.


A remarkable manifestation on St. Stephen's night, the sky appearing blood-red.


Kalends of January. [AD 992 alias 993]

First feria, fourth of the moon.


Tuathal son of Ruba, successor of Finnén and Mo-Cholmóc, and Conchobor son of Cerball ua Maíl Shechnaill, died.



Mael Ruanaid ua Ciarda, king of Cairpre, was killed by the men of Tethba.


Two of the Uí Channanáin were killed.


Éicnech ua Leocháin, king of Luigne, was killed by Mael Sechnaill in the abbot's house in Domnach Pátraic.


Mael Finnia ua hAenaig, successor of Feichíne and bishop of the peoples of Luigne, rested in Jesus Christ.


Cléirchéne son of Mael Dúin, king of Uí Echach, was killed by his own people.


A great mortality of people, cattle, and bees throughout Ireland this year.


Muirecán from Both Domnaig, successor of Patrick, made a visitation in Cenél Eógain and conferred kingly orders on Aed son of Domnall, in the presence of Patrick's community, and he also made a great visitation of the north of Ireland.

U994.0 [AD 993 alias 994]

Kalends of January


Fogartach son of Diarmait, king of Corcu Trí, was killed by the Gailenga of Corann.


The son of Dubgall son of Donnchad, i.e. Aed, heir designate of Ailech, was killed.


Sord of Colum Cille was burned by Mael Sechnaill.


Conn son of Congalach, king of Uí Fhailgi, was killed.


Mael Muire son of Scannlán, bishop of Ard Macha, rested.


Sitriuc son of Amlaíb was expelled from Áth Cliath.


Ragnall son of Ímar was killed by Murchad.

U995.0 [AD 994 alias 995]

Kalends of January


Cinaed son of Mael Coluim, king of Scotland, was deceitfully killed.


Domnach Pátraic was plundered by the foreigners of Áth Cliath and by Muirchertach ua Congalaig, but God avenged it by the latter's death at the end of the same month.


Colla, superior of Inis Cathaig, dies.


Cléirchéne son of Lerán, priest of Ard Macha, rested.


U996.0 [AD 995 alias 996]

Kalends of January


Lightning struck Ard Macha and it did not leave unburnt an oratory, stone church, vestibule or wooden sanctuary.


Diarmait son of Domnall, king of Uí Cheinnselaig, Gilla Pátraic son of Donnchad, king of Osraige, Cormac ua Congalaig, coarb of Daiminis, die.


The Conaille and the Mugdorna and the northern Brega made a foray to Glenn Rige and Aed son of Domnall, king of Ailech, came upon them and gave battle to them and defeated them, and the king of Conaille, i.e. Matudán ua Cróngilla, and very many others, i.e. 200, were slain there.

U997.0 [AD 996 alias 997]

Kalends of January


The Uí Méith were defeated at Sruthair by the son of Donnchad Finn and the Fir Rois, and the king of Uí Méith and others fell there.


Mael Sechnaill son of Mael Ruanaid, heir designate of Ailech, died of a fesaigi.


Cluain Iraird and Cenannas were plundered by the foreigners.


Domnall son of Donnchad Finn was blinded by Mael Sechnaill.


Mael Coluim son of Domnall, king of the northern Britons, dies.


Kalends of January. [AD 997 alias 998]

Seventh feria, twenty-ninth of the moon.


Mael Sechnaill and Brian made an expedition and took the hostages of the foreigners to ensure good behaviour towards the Irish.


Dub dá Leithe, successor of Patrick and Colum Cille, ended his life in the 83rd year of his age, i.e. on the fifth of the nones of June.


Half of Ard Macha was burned.


Domnall son of Donn Cuan, king of Dartraige, was killed by the Gailenga.


Mael Sechnaill made an expedition into Connacht and ravaged it. Brian made an expedition also in Laigin and ravaged it.


U999.0 [AD 998 alias 999]

Kalends of January


Gilla Énáin son of Agda was killed shamefully by the Síl Rónáin.


Gilla Crist ua Cuilennáin and many others were killed by the Airgialla.


Donnchad son of Domnall, king of Laigin, was held prisoner by Sitriuc son of Amlaíb, i.e. king of the foreigners, and by Mael Mórda son of Murchad. The kingship of Laigin was afterwards given to Mael Mórda.


The Lia Ailbi, the chief monument of Mag Breg, fell. Four mill-stones were afterwards made of it by Mael Sechnaill.


Mael Sechnaill took a great prey from Laigin.


The son of Éicnech son of Dálach, king of Airgialla, was killed by ua Ruairc.


Aed son of Domnall plundered Uí Echach and took away a great tribute in cows—i.e. the great raid of Mag Coba.


Brian, king of Caisel, led an army to Glenn Máma and the foreigners of Áth Cliath, accompanied by the Laigin, came to attack him. And they were defeated and a slaughter was inflicted on them, including Aralt son of Amlaíb and Cuilén son of Eitigén and other nobles of the foreigners. This happened on Thursday the third of the Kalends of January 30 Dec. Brian afterwards entered Áth Cliath, and Áth Cliath was plundered by him.


Kalends of January [AD 999 alias 1000]

Second feria twenty-first of the moon.


This is the 568th year since the coming of St. Patrick to baptize the Irish. Bissextile and Embolism in the above year. This is the 1000th year since the Incarnation of the Lord.


Domnall ua Domnalláin, king of Derlas, was killed by Aed ua Néill.


Ímar, king of Port Láirge, died.


The foreigners returned to Áth Cliath and gave hostages to Brian.


Flaithbertach ua Canannáin, king of Cenél Conaill, was killed by his own people.


(Aed ua Ciardai was blinded.)


Brian made a hosting to Ferta Nime in Mag Breg. The foreigners and the Laigin, with a raiding party of horsemen, came before them into Mag Breg, and Mael Sechnaill came upon them, and they were nearly all killed. Brian then retreated without giving battle or making incursion—by the Lord's insistence.



Kalends of January [AD 1000 alias 1001]

Fourth feria, second of the moon.


A change of abbots in Ard Macha i.e. Mael Muire son of Eochaid in place of Muirecán from Both Domnaig.


Fergal son of Conaing, king of Ailech, dies.


Niall ua Ruairc was killed by the Cenél Eógain and the Cenél Conaill.


Mael Póil, successor of Feichíne, dies.


A foray was made by the men of Mumu in southern Mide, and Aengus son of Carrach came upon them, and they abandoned the spoils and lost a great many heads.


The causeway of Áth Luain was made by Mael Sechnaill and by Cathal son of Conchobor.


Kalends of January [AD 1001 alias 1002]

Fifth feria, thirteenth of the moon.



Brian brought an army to Áth Luain and took the hostages of the Connachta and of the men of Mide.


Aed son of Domnall made a hosting to Tailtiu and returned in peace.


Tréinfher son of Céilecán, prior of Ard Macha, was killed by Mac Léiginn son of Cairell, king of Fernmag.


The raiding of Connacht by Aed son of Domnall.


Meirlechán, king of Gailenga, and Brotud son of Diarmait, were killed by Mael Sechnaill.


Colum, superior of Imlech Ibair, and Cathalán, superior of Daiminis, die.


Cernachán son of Flann, king of Luigne, went into Fernmag on a foray and slew Muirchertach ua Ciarda, heir designate of Cairpre.


Brian and Mael Sechnaill led an army to Dún Delca to demand hostages from Aed and Eochaid, and they parted on terms of truce.


Kalends of January [AD 1002 alias 1003]

Sixth feria, twenty-fourth of the moon.


Flannchad ua Ruadáin, successor of Ciarán, Dúnchad ua Mancháin, successor of Caemgein, Donngal son of Beoán, superior of Tuaim Gréine, Eogan son of Cellach, superior of Ard Brecáin, rested in Christ.


Sínach ua hUargusa, king of Uí Méith, and Cathal son of Labraid, tributary king of Mide, fell by one another.



Cellach son of Diarmait, king of Osraige, Aed ua Con Fhiachla, king of Tethba, Conchobor son, of Mael Sechnaill, king of Corcu Modruad, and Aicher na Traighthech were killed.


Aed son of Echthigern was killed in the oratory of Ferna Mór Maedóc.


Kalends of January [AD 1003 alias 1004]

Seventh feria, fifth of the moon.


Aengus son of Bresal. successor of Cainnech, rested in Ard Macha on his pilgrimage.


Eochaid ua Flannacáin, superior of Les Oeiged and of Cluain Fiachna, a master of poetry and historical lore, died in the 69th year of his age.

(The full form of beautiful Eochaid

An ascending poetic psalm of happy aspect

eochaiss that he does not approach from behind(?)

A key to the lock of Ireland's ignorance.

‘Eochaid of the undying knowledge’

Has long been an incontrovertible name for him;

For reproach in the matter of learning or wisdom

He has no cause to answer.)


Gilla Cellaig son of Comaltán, king of Uí Fhiachrach Aidni, and Brian son of Mael Ruanaid were killed.


Domnall son of Flannacán, king of Fir Lí, and Muiredach son of Diarmait, king of Ciarraige Luachra, die.


The battle of Craeb Tulcha between the Ulaid and the Cenél Eógain, i.e. on Thursday the 18th of the Kalends, of October 14th Sept., and the Ulaid were defeated; and therein fell Eochaid son of Ardgar, king of Ulaid, and his kinsman Dub Tuinne, and his two sons, Cú Duilig and Domnall; and there was also a slaughter of the army, both noble and base Gairbíth king of Uí Echach, and Gilla Pátraic son of Tomaltach, and Cumuscach son of Flathroí, and Dub Slánga son of Aed, and Cathalán son of Étrú, and Coinéne son of Muirchertach, as well as the elite of the Ulaid; and the combat ranged as far as Dún Echdach and Druim Bó. Thus in the Book of Dub dá Leithe. Moreover, Aed son of Domnall ua


Néill, king of Ailech, fell there in the 29th year of his age and in the tenth of his reign, and others also; but the Cenél Eógain claim that he was killed by themselves.


Donnchad ua Loingsig, king of Dál Araide, was treacherously killed by the Cenél Eógain.


An army was led by Brian to Trácht Eothaile to make a circuit of Ireland, but the Cenél Eógain prevented him.


Two of the Uí Chanannáin were killed by Ua Maíl Doraid.


Dub Sláine ua Lorcáin, superior of Imlech Ibair, rested.


Mael Sechnaill, king of Temair, fell from his horse, so that he lay mortally ill.


Kalends of January [AD 1004 alias 1005]

Second feria, sixteenth of the moon.


Aed ua Flannacán, superior of Maen Coluim Chille, Ragnall son of Gofraid, king of the Isles, Conchobor son of Domnall, king of Loch Beithech, Mael Brigte ua Rímeda, abbot of Í, and Domnall son of Maicnia, superior of Mainistir, rested in Christ.


Gilla Comgaill, king of Ulaid, was killed by Mael Ruanaid, his own brother.


Aed son of Tomaltach, i.e. king of Leth Cathail, was killed by Flaithbertach ua Néill in an invasion of Leth Cathail.


Muirecán from Both Domnaig, successor of Patrick—in the 72nd year of his age—and Aed of Treóit, paragon of knowledge and piety, ended their lives in Ard Macha.


A battle between the men of Albu themselves, in which fell the king of Albu, i.e. Cinaed son of Dub.


A rout of the Ulaid and of the Uí Echach at Loch Bricrenn, in which Artán, heir designate of Uí Echach, fell.


Brian, accompanied by the royalty of Ireland, brought an army to Ard Macha, and left twenty ounces of gold on Patrick's altar. He went back, bringing the pledges of the men of Ireland.


Kalends of January [AD 1005 alias 1006]

Third feria, twenty-seventh of the moon.


Airmedach son of Coscrach, bishop and scribe of Ard Macha, rested in Christ; and Finnguine, abbot of Ros Cré, dies.


Mael Ruanaid ua Dubtai and Mael Sechnaill, his son, and Géibennach, his kinsman, died.



Eichmílid ua hAitid, king of Uí Echach—by the Ulaid, —Mael Ruanaid son of Flannacán—by the Conaille,—and Cathalán, king of Gailenga, were killed.


Brian brought an army on a circuit of Ireland into Connacht, over Es Ruaid into Tír Conaill, through Cenél Eógain, over Fertas Camsa, into Ulaid, into the assembly of the Conaille; and at Lammas they came to Belach Dúin, and the full demand of the community of Patrick and of his successor i.e. Mael Muire son of Eochaid, was granted.

(It is remarkable that Sliab Cua has no troop,

That foreigners do not row around Eidnech,

That a lone woman crosses Luachair,

That cows are without a herdsman, lowing.

—That is in Brian's time.)


A battle between the men of Albu and the Saxons, and the Scots were defeated and a great number of their nobles left dead.


Mael na mBó i.e. king of Uí Cheinnselaigh, was killed by his own people.


Gilla Comgaill son of Ardgar son of Matudán, i.e. king of Ulaid, was killed by his brother i.e. by Mael Ruanaid son of Ardgar.


Kalends of January [AD 1006 alias 1007]

Fourth feria, ninth of the moon.


Mael Ruanaid son of Ardgar was killed by Matudán son of Domnall.


Cellach ua Menngoráin, superior of Corcach, rested.


Tréinfher ua Baígelláin, king of Dartraige, was killed by the Cenél Conaill on Loch Éirne.


Matudán son of Domnall, king of Ulaid, was killed by the ‘Torc’ in Brigit's church in the middle of Dún dá Lethglas.


Cú Chonnacht son of Dúnadach, chief of Síl Anmchada, was treacherously killed by Brian alias by Murchad son of Brian and by Ua Dúngalaig, king(?) of Múscraige Tíre, in the vicinity of Lothra.


Flaithbertach ua Néill led an expedition into Ulaid, took seven pledges from the Ulaid, and killed the king of Leth Cathail, i.e. Cú Ulad son of Aengus.



Brian led an expedition to Cenél Eógain, i.e. to Dún Droma, beside Ard Macha, and took away ua Críchidéin, successor of Finnén of Mag Bile, who was a pledge in Cenél Eógain on behalf of the Ulaid.


The 'Torc,' king of Ulaid, was killed through the power of God and Patrick by Muiredach son of Matudán, in revenge for his father.


(Muiredach son of Críchán vacated the successorship of Colum Cille for the sake of God.


The assembly of Tailtiu was revived by Mael Sechnaill. Ferdomnach was installed in the successorship of Colum Cille by the counsel of the men of Ireland in that assembly.


The Great Gospel of Colum Cille was wickedly stolen by night from the western sacristy in the great stone church of Cenannas. It was the most precious object of the western world on account of the human ornamentation(?). This Gospel was recovered after two months and twenty nights, its gold having been taken off it and with a sod over it.


Domnall son of Dub Tuinne, king of Ulaid, was killed by Muiredach son of Matudán and by Uarghaeth of Sliab Fuait.)


Kalends of January. [AD 1007 alias 1008]

Fifth feria, twentieth of the moon.


Ferdomnach, coarb of Cenannas, Céilechair son of Donn Cuan son of Ceinnéidig, successor of Colum son of Cremthann, alias abbot of Tír dá Glas, and Mael Muire, successor of Cainnech, fell asleep in Christ.


Muiredach son of Matudán, heir designate of Ulaid, was killed by his own people.


(Fachtna, successor of Finnia of Cluain Iraird, rested.


Severe frost and snow from the sixth of the Ides 8th of January to Easter 28 March.)


Kalends of January. [AD 1008 alias 1009]

Seventh feria, first of the moon.


Great and predatory vengeance was taken by Mael Sechnaill on the Laigin.


Cathal son of Carlus, successor of Cainnech, and Mael Muire ua hUchtáin, coarb of Cenannas, died.


Maelán i.e. of the large spear, king of Uí Dorthainn, was killed by the Cenél Eógain in the middle of the Trian Mór in Ard Macha as a result of a commotion of the two armies.


Donnchad ua Céili was blinded by Flaithbertach in Inis Eógain and put to death afterwards.



A defeat was inflicted on the Connachta by the men of Bréifne. The Connachta however afterwards defeated the men of Bréifne.


Flaithbertach ua Néill made a raid as far as Brega and took a great tribute in cows.


Mael Mórda, king of Laigin, fell from his horse and his leg was broken.


(Dub Chablaig, daughter of the king of Connacht, i.e. wife of Brian son of Ceinnéitig, died.


The oratory of Ard Macha was roofed with lead this year.


Clothgna son of Aengus, chief poet of Ireland, dies.)


Kalends of January. [AD 1009 alias 1010]

First feria twelfth of the moon.


Cathal son of Conchobor, king of Connacht, dies in penitence. Muiredach ua hAeda, king of Múscraige, and Cathal son of Dub Dara, king of Fir Manach, died.


Mael Suthain ua Cerbaill, chief sage of Ireland, and king of Eóganacht of Loch Léin, Marcán son of Ceinnéitig, successor of Colum son of Cremthann and superior of Inis Celtra and Cell dá Lua, and Muiredach son of Mochloingse, superior of Mucnám, fell asleep in Christ.


Aed son of Conn, heir designate of Ailech, and Donn Cuan, king of Mugdorna, were killed.


Brian led an army to Claenloch of Sliab Fuait and took the pledges of Leth Cuinn.


A very hot summer, a fruitful autumn.


(Scannlán ua Dungaláin, superior of Dún Lethglaisi, was outraged in Dún Lethglaisi, abducted and blinded in Finnubair, by Niall son of Dub Tuinne.


Der bFáil, daughter of Tadc son of Cathal, died.)


Kalends of January. [AD 1010 alias 1011]

Second feria, twenty-third of the moon.


Dúnadach of the oratory of Colum Cille in Ard Macha, Flaithbertach ua Ceithineáin, successor of Tigernach—an elder and a learned bishop who was wounded by the men of Bréifne and afterwards died in his own monastery—and Muiredach son of Críchán, successor of Colum Cille and lector of Ard Macha—on the night of Saturday


the fifth of the Kalends of January 28 Dec., in the 84th year of his age,— fell asleep in Christ.


Flaithbertach ua Néill i.e. king of Ailech, accompanied by the warriors of the North, and Murchad son of Brian with the men of Mumu and of Laigin and the southern Uí Néill, invaded Cenél Conaill and took 300 captives and many cows.


(Brian and Mael Sechnaill were again in their naval camp at Enach Duib. Énna, by the Cenél Eógain of Inis Eógain.)


Mael Ruanaid ua Domnaill, king of Cenél Lugdach, was killed by the Fir Maige Itha, [and] Aengus ua Lapáin i.e. king of Cenél Énna, by the Cenél Eógain of Inis [Eógain].


Aed son of Mathgamain, heir designate of Caisel dies.


Flaithbertach ua Néill led an army to Dún Echdach, burned the fort and demolished its town, and took a pledge from Niall son of Dub Tuinne.


(Brian led an army to Mag Corainn and brought back the king of Cenél Conaill i.e. Mael Ruanaid ua Maíl Doraid in submission to Cenn Corad.


Dálach of Dísert Tóla, successor of Feichíne and Tóla, died at a ripe old age.)


Kalends of January. [AD 1011 alias 1012]

Third feria, fourth of the moon.


An affliction of the colic in Ard Macha in the above year, and a great number died of it. Mael Brigte son of the Smith, lector of Ard Macha, died of it, and Scolaige son of Cléirchéne, priest of Ard Macha, and Cenn Faelad of the Saball, i.e. an excellent confessor, also died.


Flaithbertach son of Muirchertach, king of Ailech, led an army into Cenél Conaill and came as far as Mag Cétne, took a great spoil of cows and returned safe. Flaithbertach again led an army into Cenél Conaill as far as Druim Cliab and Trácht Eóthaile, and they slew the son of Gilla Pátraic son of Fergal, i.e. Niall, and inflicted a defeat on Mael Ruanaid ua Maíl Doraid; but no-one was lost there. Mael Sechnaill meanwhile in their absence led an army into Tír Eógain to Mag Da Gabul, and their raiding parties burned Tulach Óc and took spoil. Flaithbertach also led an army to Ard Ulad, plundered the Ard, and took the greatest spoils, both in captives and cattle, that a king ever took, though they are not counted.


Brian led an army into Mag Muirtheimne, and he gave complete immunity to Patrick's churches on that hosting.



A defeat i.e. the battle of Na Mullaig was inflicted on Niall son of Dub Tuinne, by Niall son of Eochaid, in which fell Muirchertach son of Artán, heir designate of Uí Echach, and Eochaid's son was afterwards made king.


Caenchomrac ua Scannláin, superior of Daiminis, and Lónán's son, superior of Ros Cré, died.


Aengus, superior of Sláine, was killed by the superior of Dubad.


Crínán son of Gormlaith, king of Conaille, was killed by Cú Chuailngi.


Kalends of January. [AD 1012 alias 1013]

Fifth feria of the moon.


Mael Sechnaill, at the request of Mael Muire and Brian, made a raid on Conaille in revenge for the profanation of Patrick's Finnfíadech and the breaking of Patrick's staff.


Ualgarg ua Ciardai, king of Cairpre, and Niall ua Ruairc made a great foray into Gailenga, and a few nobles of Mael Sechnaill's household who had been drinking at the time and were intoxicated came upon them and arrogantly gave battle to them; and of these there fell Donnchad son of Donnchad Finn, heir designate of Temair, and Cernachán son of Flann, king of Luigne, and Senán ua Leocháin, king of Gailenga, and many others. Afterwards Mael Sechnaill overtook the invaders, the spoils were abandoned to him, and Ualgarg ua Ciardai, king of Cairpri, fell by his hand, and many others.


Flaithbertach, king of Ailech, led an army to Ed beside Cenannas, and Mael Sechnaill abandoned the hill to him.


Gilla Mo-Chonna son of Fogartach, king of southern Brega, died in his sleep at Mael Sechnaill's house after a drinking-bout. By him the foreigners were yoked to the plough, and two of them made to harrow after them and sow seed from their satchels.


A defeat was inflicted at In Draignén on the men of Mide by the foreigners and the Laigin; one hundred and fifty were slain there, including Flann son of Mael Sechnaill.

(Not with good fortune did the men of Mide

Set out on Monday for a foray;

The foreigners were joyful (so it has been heard)

At In Draignén because of the journey.)



Brian led an army to Áth in Chaerthainn, where he remained for three months.


Murchad son of Brian made a great raid into Laigin, plundered the land to Glenn dá Locha and Cell Maignenn, burned the whole country, and took great spoils and countless captives.


Cathal son of Donnchad son of Dub dá Bairenn inflicted a slaughter on the foreigners, in which fell Amlaíb son of Sitriuc, i.e. the son of the king of the foreigners, and Mathgamain son of Duibgilla son of Amlaíb, and others.


A defeat was inflicted on the Connachta by ua Mael Doraid, in which fell Domnall son of Cathal i.e. the Cat, heir designate of Connacht.


Muirchertach son of Aed ua Néill was killed by the Dál Riatai.


Many fortifications were built by Brian, i.e. the fort of Cenn Coradh, and Inis Gaill Duib and Inis Locha Sainglenn.


The Laigin and the foreigners began warring against Brian, and the Munstermen and Brian were encamped at Sliabh Mairce, and they harried Laigin as far as Áth Cliath.


Mael Sechnaill was killed by the foreigners of Áth Cliath.

U1014.0 [AD 1013]

Kalends of January


Kalends of January. [AD 1014]

Sixth feria, twenty-sixth of the moon.


This is the eighth year of the decemnovennial cycle and the 582nd from the coming of St Patrick to baptize the Irish. The feast of Gregory 12 March fell before Shrovetide and Low Sunday 2 May was in summer this year, which was not heard of from ancient times.


Brian son of Ceinnétig son of Lorcán, king of Ireland, and Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall, king of Temair, led an army to Áth Cliath. All the Laigin were assembled to meet him, and the foreigners of Áth Cliath, and a like number of the foreigners of Scandinavia, i.e. to the number of 1,000 breastplates. A valiant battle was fought between them, the like of which was never before encountered. Then the foreigners and the Laigin first broke in defeat, and they were completely wiped out. There fell on the side of the foreign troop in this battle Mael Mórda son of Murchad, king of Laigin, and Domnall son of Fergal, king of the Forthuatha, and of the foreigners there fell Dubgall son of Amlaíb, Siucraid son of Lodur, jarl of Innsi Orc, and Gilla Ciaráin


son of Glún Iairn, heir designate of the foreigners, and Oittir Dub and Suartgair and Donnchad grandson of Erulb and Griséne and Luimne and Amlaíb son of Lagmann and Brotor who slew Brian i.e. chief of the Scandinavian fleet, and six thousand who were killed or drowned. Of the Irish moreover there fell in the counter-shock Brian son of Ceinnétig, over-king of the Irish of Ireland, and of the foreigners and of the Britons, the Augustus of the whole of north-west Europe, and his son Murchad, and the latter's son, i.e. Tairdelbach son of Murchad, and Conaing son of Donn Cuan son of Cennéitig, heir designate of Mumu, and Mothla son of Domnall son of Faelán, king of the Déisi Muman; Eochu son of Dúnadach and Niall ua Cuinn and Ceinnéitig's son, —Brian's three companions; two kings of Uí Maine, Ua Cellaig, and Mael Ruanaid ua hEidin, king of Aidne, and Géibennach ua Dubagáin, king of Fernmag, and Mac Bethad son of Muiredach Claen, king of Ciarraige Luachra and Domnall son of Diarmait, king of Corcu Baiscinn, and Scannlán son of Cathal, king of Eóganacht of Loch Léin, and Domnall son of Eimen son of Cainnech, earl of Marr in Scotland, and many other nobles. Mael Muire son of Eochaid, successor of Patrick, with his venerable clerics and relics, came moreover to Sord Coluim Chille, and brought away the body of Brian, king of Ireland, and the body of his son Murchad, and the head of Conaing and the head of Mothla, and buried them in Ard Macha in a new tomb. For twelve nights the community of Patrick waked the bodies in honour of the dead king.


Dúlang son of Tuathal, king of Laigin, died.


A battle between Cian son of Mael Muad, and Domnall son of Dub dá Bairenn, in which fell three sons of Mael Muad, Cian and Cathal and Rogallach, and there was a slaughter of others about them.


Cathal son of Domnall, king of Uí Echdach, was killed by Donnchad son of Brian.


A defeat was inflicted by Tadc son of Brian on Donnchad son of Brian and Ruaidrí ua Donnocáin, king of Arad, was left dead.